Emergency Service

Emergency Service

The use of body-worn camera by Law Enforcement Agency (e.g., Patrol, Traffice, Police and other first responders) offers potential advantages in keeping officers safe, enabling situational awareness, improving community relations and accountability, and providing evidence for trial. In the last couple of years, there has been a dramatic increase in the criminal justice use, this technology can be used to resolve disputes and build trust with the community by preserving a record of critical events. Body-worn camera is significantly revolutionising the judicial system benefitting both officers and the public.

2V Police Body-worn Camera

2V Police Body-worn Camera features long endurance battery life that can record up to 10 hours video continuously, the replaceable battery design makes it quickly be swapped out and continue recording.
With its super HD recording capability, 2V is capable of capturing every details no matter in day or infrared night vision mode.
The field of view is very important, 130 degree, even bigger than view angel of human eyes, it can capture what you even haven't seen.
With the press of a single button, you can easily activate the camera into recording mode even when the camera is turned off and tag video as important data with ease.
The built-in LCD allows you to playback the video in the field.


WS06 25-Bay Docking Station

WS06 25-Bay Docking Station is your automatic data downloader, which syncs data from Police Body-worn camera during charging.
Video, Audio, Photo are downloaded directly the local hard disk and uploaded to Digital Evidence Management System automatically. With its RAIDs design, WS06 25-Bay Docking Station can be as a data storage base.
Each Body-worn Cameras status can be easily found in its software interface, you can retrive for any data in the software of Docking Station. Plug the Bodycam into the Docking Station when you are back from the filed, automatically downloads data while charging, empty the storage of the camera after data downloaded.
Undoubtedly our Docking Station saves your time by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.


Digital Evidence Management System

All the data downloaded by Docking Station uploads to Digital Evidence Management System, it is able to classify different files according to department categories.
Search for Evidence
Search for specific Video, Audio, Photo by filtering with keywords, event data, officer and department.
Manage Evidence
Create a case category, description, tag the data for specific case.
Review Evidence Online
Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.
Audit Trails
Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.
User Privileges
Create retention policy for evidence.
Customize user access and permission roles.
Share evidence with other department.
Generate reports on the basis of time period.
Create unlimited user levels, departments and users.
Digital Evidence Management System