Security Industry

Security Industry

Security Personnel deploys the body-worn camera that captures events and interactions. The video captured by Body-worn Camera can be used by the police to document statements, observations, behaviors. This has been proven to minimise physical and verbal attacks, to prevent and deter unprofessional, illegal, and inappropriate behavior, because people knows they are being recorded by the third eye.

1V Compact Body-worn Camera

1V Compact Body-worn Camera is the most afforable Body-worn Camera on the market. This small evidence-capturing camera provides a first-person point of view to show what really happend. With the ability to record good quality video, take high resolution still image, our police body camera always offers the most appropriate evidence collecting solution.

The design is really compact and extremely lightweight, it weighs only 100 gram so it does not impede or weigh-down your movements. IP68 rugged design, this Body-worn Camera can be used in all weather conditions.

IP68 rugged design, this Body-worn Camera can be used in all weather conditions.


WS06 25-Bay Docking Station

WS06 25-Bay Docking Station is your automatic data downloader, which syncs data from Police Body-worn camera during charging. Video, Audio, Photo are downloaded directly the local hard disk and uploaded to Digital Evidence Management System automatically.
With its RAIDs design, WS06 25-Bay Docking Station can be as a data storage base.
Each Body-worn Cameras status can be easily found in its software interface, you can retrive for any data in the software of Docking Station.
Plug the Bodycam into the Docking Station when you are back from the filed, automatically downloads data while charging, empty the storage of the camera after data downloaded.
Undoubtedly our Docking Station saves your time by eliminating unnecessary manual processes.


Digital Evidence Management System

All the data downloaded by Docking Station uploads to Digital Evidence Management System, it is able to classify different files according to department categories.
Search for Evidence
Search for specific Video, Audio, Photo by filtering with keywords, event data, officer and department.
Manage Evidence
Create a case category, description, tag the data for specific case.
Review Evidence Online
Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.
Audit Trails
Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.
User Privileges
Create retention policy for evidence.
Customize user access and permission roles.
Share evidence with other department.
Generate reports on the basis of time period.
Create unlimited user levels, departments and users.
Digital Evidence Management System